Married man with wife and kids

Mmmm I think I´m gonna go to bed now. I need my bed, I want my bed. I´m actually looking forward to put my head on the pillow and enter the world of dreams. Every night when I´m laying in bed I create my own little scenario. Admit that you also do that?! Tonight I´m gonna fantasize about my lover. He is a 46 year old man with dark hair with a hint of gray. He works as one of Swedens top ten lawyers. He´s been married for like 14 years. He is sick tired of his wife and their boring sex life. That´s why he need me so badly. And I love the adventure. I use to meet him in his office every now and then. His office has panorama view over the river Thames and The House of Parliament. I absolutely love it when he asks me to bend over and takes me from behind while I´m thinking about the similarities between him and Big Ben..

Okey, okey jokes aside! I might have been exaggerating a bit. I know exactly what I´m gonna fantasize about..

And no, I´m not gonna fantasize about Nabin, I´m gonna fantasize about the bag-in-box-wine-tower because I´m actually craving for a glass of chilled white wine.


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