I love u, ich liebe dich...

Why is´nt Sweden in the worldcup? That sucks really. Not that I´m a big fan of football but anyway. Hehe yes, this is things I think about when I cant sleep. When I grow up I want to be a footballers wife, Angie the WAG. How hard can it be? Well maybe I need to start hang around with the right people and in the right areas. I know where Frank Lampard lives, thats a good beginning. So the biggest problem now is to make him fall in love with me. Das ist ein grosse problem. I have always had a weak eye for footballers. Worldcup 98 for example, I was deeply in love with Del Piero.. I´m not anymore. I´m older and wiser and know that Italianos are a big no no no for me. Slimy men with big noses and an even bigger ego. Haha oh no, now I remember! Worldcup 1994, I was in love with Thomas Brolin! Do you remember him? He must be old now. I´m gonna google him and see what he does for living nowadays. I had my second sexual fantasies about Brolin, my first sexual fantasies was Turtles. Yes, the cartoons.. Donatello in my heart for ever.. oh shit that sounds like an italian name, so maybe not. 

Well I guess I have to stop thinking now because I really need some sleep. Exam tomorrow, jariba!!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I found my first sexual fantasie, Donatello! I wont tell you what I used to dream about because it is really embarasing, but I remember very well :P


Oh yes, Brolin! I googled and I atually think this picture is from 1994. Was I really in love with this man? I also found out that he is borned 1969 which make him 41 years, mmm perfect age.

Was I really in love with this man? :S

This must be the sweetest boy ever, singing about his love for Zlatan.. Maybe I could do that as well to win Zlatans heart? Oh no I remember I wrote something about that I dont like big noses... Här vänder jag kappan efter vinden as we say it in Sweden (turn the coat after the wind)..

Postat av: becca

hahaha, du är så jävla bäst! Ska ha superkul när du kommer hem :D

2010-02-10 @ 01:26:51

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