Pack your bag now Angieeeeee!

Oh shit, why did I wake up today? I´v got sooooo much to do! I need to cancel my bank account, I need to fill in the green thing about leaving Heilbronn or something, I need to print out my ticket and I NEED TO PACK MY BAGS! gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But first I need to go to netto and buy something for breakfast.

Tada! that was quick huh? Okey, I´m joking. I found the picture in my blog archive. The picture is from when I packed my bag last summer, ready to go to Heilbronn!

I was happier than I look with my interrail card in my hand. The picture is from Nässjö train station early in the morning waitng for the train to Kopenhagen. It was summer! Åhhhhh. I had really fun at my interrail trip. If u want to read about it, go back to the archiv the end of august/ beginning os september 2009.

Postat av: Angelica

åh, jag minns när du skulle skaffa ditt interrail kort på juneporten, va sur du var över att du var tvungen att köpa det i nässjö!

Jag saknar dej!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-02-17 @ 22:24:50

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