Three lonely persons in a bar

I really trying to remember what happened yesterday in Club Sofa. Who did I go home with? I remember Steph and hmmm, Andrea?

They stay in Club Sofa is a bit vague, but one thing I actually remember. I remember me, Efim and Chris at the bar, tears running down my cheeks and with a glas of wine which gave no effect. I wanted to forget everything. There we stood at the bar, totally unaware of our surroundings. It was as if the music was played in slow motion, people around were blurry while we stood there like three colorful parrots (at least one of us). We looked at each other with eyes full of sorrow, we looked around us, looked at the people, the people we love. Imagine Titanic when the boat is sinking, people running around in panic, we are the band that plays music, and whatever happens, we stay together until the end. There we stood, three lonely souls. We gave the bartender one meaning glance, he understood immediatly what we needed that sad night. The glasses were filled to the brim with Jägermeister. We drank a toast for Greece, Russia, Sweden and Erasmus. After that, everything is black....

The three lonely persons who always stick together until the end..

Postat av: Chris

Angelicka is very narrative. She describe things as if real! It´s like seeing everything happening in front of my eyes! Angelicka is a great and hilarious person with a multi-faceted personality you can never predict.She falls in love quite easily as well!I will definitely meet again my Sweedish mate and "mentor" who helped to overcome my fears with some lectures in the beginning."The world is too small" as the Greek saying goes. We will meet again!!!

2010-02-11 @ 15:56:49
Postat av: carro

knäppis! Nu är det inte långt kvar......

2010-02-11 @ 16:16:16
Postat av: Angelica

I love you Chris!

2010-02-11 @ 17:11:35
Postat av: malin

sv; nu har jag lagt till dig också :)

2010-02-11 @ 17:27:49
Postat av: Piinky

hejhej allt bra med dig idag?=)


2010-02-11 @ 17:27:53
Postat av: malin

sv; nu har jag lagt till dig också :)

2010-02-11 @ 17:28:38
Postat av: jenny

najs blogg:)

2010-02-11 @ 19:00:45

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