Frågor och svar om London

Hahaha jag hittade en lista med frågor och svar om London. Mycket av det stämmer verkligen :P

1. Is it ok to talk to strangers in London?
A: No (unless you want to know what time it is or ask for directions, but ALWAYS try to find out by yourself first!)

2. Where do I go if I want to meet new people of the opposite sex in London?
A: Online. –

3. Does everyone read on the Tube?
A: No, but everyone pretends to read, and so should you for the well-being of your fellow passengers.

4. How many people can you fit in a tube carriage?
A: No limit has been reached yet.

5. What’s the best pedestrian strategy crossing the street at a light?
A: Nevermind whether it’s red or green, simply follow the crowd and pray.

6. How do I know which travel card I should purchase if I’m new in the city?
A: You don’t.

7. What language is spoken in London?
A: Pretty much every language but English.

8. How do I get a job in London?
A: You make friends who work in recruitment.

9. How do I make new friends in London?
A: No one knows. It hasn’t been done so far.

10. How do I know when I’ve become a real Londoner?
A: When you haven’t been to Oxford Street in over a year.

11. How do I know where it’s legal to park my car?
A: This knowledge can be learned only through Pavlovian conditioning. If you get a ticket, then you’re parked in the wrong place. Trial and error. Eventually you’ll learn.

12. Is it legal to drink alcoholic beverages in London parks?
A: Yes, as long as you’re white and have a somewhat recent haircut.

13. How do I greet my female friends in London?
A: You put your cheek against theirs, and kiss in the air. Then you switch cheek and repeat the procedure.

14. Where can I get the finest fish and chips?
A: In Bristol.

15. Are there any nice parks in London where my girl and I can have a cozy picnic?
A: Yes, as long as you don’t mind constantly being bothered by transients and huge disease-spreading birds.

16. Why are there no trash bins in London?
A: To keep riff raff employed with street sweeping.

17. Where can I get the best hamburgers in London?
A: McDonalds.

18. Is prostitution legal in London?
A: Yes, as long as you pay in drinks and the transaction takes place in a nightclub.

19. What do I need in order to apply for a job in London?
A: An EU citizenship and a bank account.

20. What do I need in order to open a bank account in London?
A: An EU citizenship and a job.

21. What pisses a Londoner off more than anything?
A: Having to wait a whole three (3) minutes for a train.

22. How can you tell that someone’s not from London?
A: He or she acknowledges homeless people.

Jag slänger in en bild på mig och Alexander som absolut inte har med inlägget att göra =)


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