All in every friday!

Yesterday was great crack! If I remember everything? Yes sir I do! (almost). We decided to do an all in, we definately did (or at least I did). More wine for the people! But I forgot to go for a spanish penis haunt in the student pub :S Well, maybe next week. I "höll låda" (hold a box as we say in sweden) at the pre party.. Yes indeed I did. Emelie came all the way from Hultsfred with her boyfriend, maybe my first impression was´nt the best *woops*.

Rebecca and Daniel sitting in the sofa K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Angelica and Christos laying in the bed S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G! Christos has the flue, I really hope it´s not the pig flue.

Daniel is the drunkest! This is how u look when u go all in.

This is absolutely lovely! We spended the pre party talking about sex, sex, sex and penises (as always). Pre-party with Rebecca means no politics or deep conversations unless it´s about deep-throating.

Falung and someone I dont remember the name of. I renamed Faläng to Falung only because he hates Falun haha.

Emelie with her boyfriend Marcus. Red, reeeed wiiineeeeee!

Rebecca taught Daniel how to make a woman oragasm.

After the pre-party I went to the student pub and met the love of my life, Carro! We had fun like only we can have. We ended the night crawling around in the snow. I was wet and well I guess das war alles! (I love my german/english mix).

Me and Rebecca have 3 bottles of white wine in the fridge, maybe it´s time for a recovering glas?

Postat av: carro

<3 haha askul kväll speciellt snökravlandet!

2010-02-27 @ 16:13:46
Postat av: wintergurl

Rebecca looks pretty

2011-10-17 @ 13:28:58

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