Cry me a river!

I feel like I deserve right now, yesterday was great fun! But it ended up in tears. Typical me being so sentimental :P 6 months later and I hardly recognize some of my old friends. How can people change so much in only a few month? I havent changed,, or? No I dont think so...
I had the nicest pre party ever with my dear friend Carro, we talked about politics, sang lovesongs and talked about going to the Oxegene festival in Ireland this summer in July. We have to go! It could be really fun =) After drinking wine for hours we went to the student pub were we drank, drank and drank.. Intoxicated! ohhh I met some spanish people at the balcony, I didnt even ask where they were from, I could hear it on their accent :P They were relly impressed with my spanish, Te espera espatarrada, hahaha.
A good night, but I ended up crying in Falängs lap.. sometimes I´m such a dramaqueen. Dont remember walking home, woke up this morning next to Christos and Becca with all my clothes on my head spinning and then I stopped breathing.. FUCK, why did I log on to MSN instead of going straight to bed? *gulp*, that should be forbidden when you are drunk. But no big harm I guess (or I hope at least)

Now I´m gonna make myself a cup of chai tee and read Eclipse and fantasize about my husband.

I have been in Borlänge 4 days and soooo much has already happened. If there are no drama, you have to create drama, and you know what? I absolutely love it!
(Oh jesus christ I remember I wrote a very sentimental e-mail to Alfredo) Ready for flashbacks!

Postat av: Maria - livet i Milano ☆

drama kan vara jobbigt :P

2010-02-20 @ 14:03:43
Postat av: jenny♥

sv; haha ja de tycker jag:D

2010-02-20 @ 21:49:56
Postat av: NatursmyckenUF

Välkommen och besöka vår blogg för fina och billiga natursmycken.

MvH. Natursmycken UF

2010-02-20 @ 22:23:13
Postat av: Sandra

Har din yrsel gått över än? Hur har din helg varit då?? Kram Sandra

2010-02-21 @ 16:20:11
Postat av: Dikk Bluball

Sex olika övningar, nu blev jag ju nyfiken.

2010-02-21 @ 16:43:39
Postat av: carro

hejsan, kommer på torsdag den 12 mars.. (kanske 11:e) ska vi ses på fredagen på dagen?!

2010-02-21 @ 19:16:44

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