I kissed Draculas sons

I am very disapointed right now. I thought I knew them but they kept a secret for me during the whole winter semester in Heilbronn. I´m disapointed with the Romanians. They never told me they are from Transylvania??!!! How cool is´nt that to live next to Dracula? They might even be relatives with Dracula. I asked Adrian which city they are from, I googled the city. Wikipedia told me that Brasov is in Transylvania, I couldnt believe my eyes. I had to doubel check with Adrian.

[15:51:35] angelica.karlsson86: Adiii!!! are you from transylvania??!!!!
[15:51:46] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: :D
[15:51:47] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: yes
[15:51:54] angelica.karlsson86: dracula??!!
[15:52:10] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: its just a legend
[15:52:35] angelica.karlsson86: why havent you told me before that you are from draculas country? this is so cool :P
[15:53:31] angelica.karlsson86: I´m sooo gonna come and visit you, and when my friends ask me, oh angie where did you go on holiday? and I m gonna answer, to draculas coffin.

Right now, Romania is my prio number one trip, I want to see Dracula. I love blood-thirsty men. Dracula is better than Edward Cullen (second thought, maybe not). When I visit Transylvania I want Adi to arrange a guided Dracula tour. That is my highest wish and something I must do before I die (maybe Dracula kills me, but I´m sure it is worth it). Google says that Transylvania is a beautiful place with an extra ordinary landscape. I am not convinced. I think Transylvania is dark with thunderstorms everyday and spiders crawling everywere, really big ones. Spiders are scary, but I need some adventure in my life..

I cant believe it!? I kissed Draculas sons! Anyone wants an autograph? I´m so happy =) His blood taste lips and vampire teeth, mmm give me!

To make the guided tour more, hmm lets say alive we gonna dress Vlad as Dracula and put him in a coffin with spiders. And then he gonna wake up, attack me and bite me hard. Mmmm I cant wait!

Who wants to go to Transylvania with me?! I´m sure it´s more exotic than Hawaiii.

Postat av: Smajlin

allright, ooh sorry glömt, men vafan betyder taacky :$ rodnar

2010-02-16 @ 12:24:06
URL: http://misschillpill.blogg.se/
Postat av: simone

sV: Men du har ju body på dig i headern, du passar i det :D

2010-02-16 @ 15:53:25
URL: http://fattybom.blogg.se/

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