I love penis!

I was invited by the irish girls for dinner, it was really nice until Mr Penis himself entered the room. He insulted me and said that I am a lesbian?! He said it so many times that I always started to think that a vagina for dessert would be nice. But no thanks! I would never change a penis for a vagina! I love all penises (except tiny penises). Do I really need to defend myself? I am so not a lesbian. I´m actually gonna cry myself to bed right now because Mr Penis was really rude :P

Just because girls likes to touch me does´nt mean that I´m a lesbian. I cant help I´m a victim for lesbians.

PS. Dont take this too serious because I dont ;) DS.

Postat av: smajlin

tack för tipset, har ändrat de nu pga av önskemål, nu kan du se den i svart text =)

sure addar dig, adda mig me :D

2010-02-09 @ 06:00:39
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