Just one ordinary day at Borlänge University..

Oh dear what a day! The day from hell, I would call it. Becca, my wife was slower than ever this morning, never thought I would get to my dear school to study. But finally we were ready to go. The sun was shining, it was colder than ever before, the snow was whiter than ever  (the only white we have seen today, apart from our butts and palms), sunglasses was a need indeed. We arrived at school after 5 minutes of excruciating walk. Found a place where we could sit, threw  the computers on the table and began studying. Well, it was easy to say but hard to do.
One half year later and my school turned into a learning center for immigrants who tries to learn Swedish. Do you think they learned some Swedish? A Somalian girl sat at our table and started to talk loud on the phone. I told her to shut up and go away both in English and Swedish. Do you think she went? I sent murderous glances, slammed the table and sighed aloud. Beccas explanation as to why they are like that is because of their culture. They find it difficult to adapt to Swedish culture. In Sweden, we do not sit next to someone else in the bus and you dont enter a group room where there are already Swedes. Why cant they just show some respect? I thought I learned to accept other cultures when I studied in Germany. But maybe I didnt.. We went to the student pub instead were you can study during the days. A much better place than the school!

The Somalian girl sitting on our table. I honestly could kill her right there.

This is how angry and annoyed Becca was..

We found something very ironic.. Buy a cup of coffe and talk as much swedish you would like. I´m gonna invite all the immigrants for a cup of coffee.

Yes, I was really annoyed, I even needed a smoke.. I am very sporty, smoking in front of the Dalarna University elite sports car.

The student pub were we studied. Christos shaked the bottles behind the bar as a meniac.

We studied for hours and hours... But suddenly everything just changed and my world was upsidedown. Thank God for the wine!

In one hour it is time for bodypump at the gym! Lovely.

Postat av: Julie

Honestly I like your blog, but that was dear to the heart when you said that you would kill the Somali girl on your desk. i it that you hate that Somalian girl or all the Somali people or are you a racist.

2010-05-29 @ 00:11:54

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