Boob job!

I have a little secret for you... I havent told you before because I just revealed my secret for my dad, and being honest, he almost wants to give me away for adoption. I applied for my dream job, the CEO said I was a natural talent.. But there were something he did´nt like.. my boobs. They were too small for the job. My dream job, being a playboy bunny and pose in front of the camera faded away like a melting snowman walking in the egyptian desert. I´m a person who always makes sure her dreams comes true and I do everything to make it happen. I made a boob job, and I´m proud of myself. Never thought that I would sink so low, changing the body God created for me. Please God, forgive me, otherwise I will burn in hell together with Hitler and Bin Laden. I will start my new career as a glamour model tomorrow, I´m so excited I cant wait. I´m gonna move in togther with the other playboys in the Playboy Mansion and have sex with Hugh Heffner everyday for the rest of my life.. Or should I say for the rest days of his life? That would be 43 days or something..
I suppose that you all are very excited to see my boobs and since I am a very open person I´m gonna upload a phote taken only 4 minutes ago.

My new boobs! My manager paid my bills (boobs). Now I only need restylane for my lips to make them bigger!

My boobs are worth all the pain in the world.

So long lovers! ;)

Postat av: Jocke

Vad fint :)

2010-05-20 @ 16:15:36
Postat av: Cissi


2010-05-20 @ 18:05:37
Postat av: Anonym


2012-09-17 @ 07:31:43
Postat av: Anonym

i love your boobs!

2012-09-17 @ 07:32:03
Postat av: shoupbus

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