Absolutely fab

Me and my wife Rebecca are sitting in different parts of the apartment and studying on our thesis. In the background, we are playing piano music from Spotify. Suddely I hear Rebecca raise up from the chair in the kitchen and starts to cut something and makes noises in the cupboards. 5 minutes later she comes to me who are sitting on the couch with this ...

I must have the best wife in the world serving a little fruity snack for me. She really is the cutest ..

Becca says: Ohhh Angelica, we can have a cosy weekend next weekend? (note that it is Sunday today)
I began to sweat and stammer, not knowing what to say .. Becca saw fear in my eyes while I tried to question if I may party on the Friday so we can cuddle the rest of the weekend. To my great delight it can be organized. Pjuh;)

Now I'll continue studying! Oh btw, this was my post number 999!

Postat av: smajlin

looks taasty :)

visst hade hon, kolla hennes blogg

www.mikasha.blogg.se skit fina bilder :)

2010-02-28 @ 18:23:00
URL: http://misschillpill.blogg.se/
Postat av: carro

gott! vår idag. hade du tid ses den 11e eller på söndag/lördag på dan... har du gamla nr?

2010-03-01 @ 06:55:58
URL: http://www.fitnesssessan.blogspot.com

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