Dinner is served!

I told u before how lovely my wife is, or should I call her mum? I went to the gym for a 75 min body pump class, I was more or less dead. I came back and the dinner was served. Rebecca makes the best food (and Alfredo)! She definitevly gonna make me spoiled, but I love it ;) Thanks for feeding me Becca! Everyone knnows that I´m a big disaster in the kitchen, I cant even cut a tomato properly.. But there are so many other things that I´m good at.. I just need to figure them out.

It´s not every day you get this delicious meal! Perfect for my big muscles *lalalala*

Oh yeah yeah I almot forgot, this is my post number 1000!

Absolutely fab

Me and my wife Rebecca are sitting in different parts of the apartment and studying on our thesis. In the background, we are playing piano music from Spotify. Suddely I hear Rebecca raise up from the chair in the kitchen and starts to cut something and makes noises in the cupboards. 5 minutes later she comes to me who are sitting on the couch with this ...

I must have the best wife in the world serving a little fruity snack for me. She really is the cutest ..

Becca says: Ohhh Angelica, we can have a cosy weekend next weekend? (note that it is Sunday today)
I began to sweat and stammer, not knowing what to say .. Becca saw fear in my eyes while I tried to question if I may party on the Friday so we can cuddle the rest of the weekend. To my great delight it can be organized. Pjuh;)

Now I'll continue studying! Oh btw, this was my post number 999!

All in every friday!

Yesterday was great crack! If I remember everything? Yes sir I do! (almost). We decided to do an all in, we definately did (or at least I did). More wine for the people! But I forgot to go for a spanish penis haunt in the student pub :S Well, maybe next week. I "höll låda" (hold a box as we say in sweden) at the pre party.. Yes indeed I did. Emelie came all the way from Hultsfred with her boyfriend, maybe my first impression was´nt the best *woops*.

Rebecca and Daniel sitting in the sofa K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Angelica and Christos laying in the bed S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G! Christos has the flue, I really hope it´s not the pig flue.

Daniel is the drunkest! This is how u look when u go all in.

This is absolutely lovely! We spended the pre party talking about sex, sex, sex and penises (as always). Pre-party with Rebecca means no politics or deep conversations unless it´s about deep-throating.

Falung and someone I dont remember the name of. I renamed Faläng to Falung only because he hates Falun haha.

Emelie with her boyfriend Marcus. Red, reeeed wiiineeeeee!

Rebecca taught Daniel how to make a woman oragasm.

After the pre-party I went to the student pub and met the love of my life, Carro! We had fun like only we can have. We ended the night crawling around in the snow. I was wet and well I guess das war alles! (I love my german/english mix).

Me and Rebecca have 3 bottles of white wine in the fridge, maybe it´s time for a recovering glas?

Just one ordinary day at Borlänge University..

Oh dear what a day! The day from hell, I would call it. Becca, my wife was slower than ever this morning, never thought I would get to my dear school to study. But finally we were ready to go. The sun was shining, it was colder than ever before, the snow was whiter than ever  (the only white we have seen today, apart from our butts and palms), sunglasses was a need indeed. We arrived at school after 5 minutes of excruciating walk. Found a place where we could sit, threw  the computers on the table and began studying. Well, it was easy to say but hard to do.
One half year later and my school turned into a learning center for immigrants who tries to learn Swedish. Do you think they learned some Swedish? A Somalian girl sat at our table and started to talk loud on the phone. I told her to shut up and go away both in English and Swedish. Do you think she went? I sent murderous glances, slammed the table and sighed aloud. Beccas explanation as to why they are like that is because of their culture. They find it difficult to adapt to Swedish culture. In Sweden, we do not sit next to someone else in the bus and you dont enter a group room where there are already Swedes. Why cant they just show some respect? I thought I learned to accept other cultures when I studied in Germany. But maybe I didnt.. We went to the student pub instead were you can study during the days. A much better place than the school!

The Somalian girl sitting on our table. I honestly could kill her right there.

This is how angry and annoyed Becca was..

We found something very ironic.. Buy a cup of coffe and talk as much swedish you would like. I´m gonna invite all the immigrants for a cup of coffee.

Yes, I was really annoyed, I even needed a smoke.. I am very sporty, smoking in front of the Dalarna University elite sports car.

The student pub were we studied. Christos shaked the bottles behind the bar as a meniac.

We studied for hours and hours... But suddenly everything just changed and my world was upsidedown. Thank God for the wine!

In one hour it is time for bodypump at the gym! Lovely.

Good Morning Sunshine!

I woke up on the right side today! Next to my lovely wife Rebecca. I stretched out my body and falt an incredible exercise pain in my arms and my bum. And no it´s not from our extra ordinary lesbian sex last night, it´s from the gym from yesteday. I havent been to the gym since februar, so yes babes, it feels!
Me and my wife have a very special relationship, right now we sitting opposite each other at the kitchen table having breakfast. In front of us we have one laptop each. It is great!

Dont you think my wife is the sexiest ever? I must be the happiest person in the world!

The wine made my grades

I´m sooooooo happy right now! I just notices that I passed all my 4 6-credits courses! I it is unbelievable! And you know what? The grades are really good, so much better than I thought. My goal was to only pass the courses and now I passed with a good marginal. I didnt go to germany to study hard and I didnt study hard, it must be my intelligence, dont you think? I only say one thing, you get more intelligent after several bottles of wine each week. German wine for the win! :)

Happy, happy, happy! Now I can graduate summer 2010! Well, after I have written my thesis :)
The semester in Heilbronn is defo the best time of my life! I am most surprised over that I passed the Introduction to International Management, it was the hardest exam I ever written and I hardly wrote anything.. Hmmm Professor Köster must love me..

Lufthansa and training!

Oh no! Lufthansas pilots are on strike! This cant happen. Okay everyone has the right to strike, but what are they doing? Unlikely that they will have some loyal customers, after this. Not only are Sweden's train traffic standing still because of snow and cold, now you can not even fly because of some grumpy pilots. Speaking of trains, Becca has been in Stockholm (the girl I live with), she would come home at 19, she thought so. If she is lucky she will be back around midnight. Typically, SJ, not cope with winter weather: P

Oh, you know what my dear friend? I bought new gym card last week, so now I'm back to my lovely traininglife again! Just got home from a class on Friskis. It was wonderful!
The rest of the evening I will try to find some inspiration and ideas for me and Beccas thesis. Wish me good luck!

I´m not even surprised that it is a german company..


Me and Becca are experts in low jokes. They jump like frogs out of our mouths, but do you know what the funniest thing is? We think that we are hysterically funny. This joke, for example ..

Have you heard that ***** got a girlfriend?
What, what *****?
He with the ******** hair ..
What !!!?? Is she blind or what?
No, she is blonde.

Admit it, it was a bit funny, right?

If you dont understand this joke, well than are you probably blonde :P

I´m drowning!

Snow everywere! I cant see an end.. I have never seen so much snow before in my entire life. I cant live in Sweden! I´m gonna move to Thailand, build my own house and live there for ever and ever.

This morning I went for a swim in the snow. If you dont have an ocean you can go swimming in one of the snow mountains. If it´s not cold? Not for me, I´m swedish and we are used to the cold.

Cry me a river!

I feel like I deserve right now, yesterday was great fun! But it ended up in tears. Typical me being so sentimental :P 6 months later and I hardly recognize some of my old friends. How can people change so much in only a few month? I havent changed,, or? No I dont think so...
I had the nicest pre party ever with my dear friend Carro, we talked about politics, sang lovesongs and talked about going to the Oxegene festival in Ireland this summer in July. We have to go! It could be really fun =) After drinking wine for hours we went to the student pub were we drank, drank and drank.. Intoxicated! ohhh I met some spanish people at the balcony, I didnt even ask where they were from, I could hear it on their accent :P They were relly impressed with my spanish, Te espera espatarrada, hahaha.
A good night, but I ended up crying in Falängs lap.. sometimes I´m such a dramaqueen. Dont remember walking home, woke up this morning next to Christos and Becca with all my clothes on my head spinning and then I stopped breathing.. FUCK, why did I log on to MSN instead of going straight to bed? *gulp*, that should be forbidden when you are drunk. But no big harm I guess (or I hope at least)

Now I´m gonna make myself a cup of chai tee and read Eclipse and fantasize about my husband.

I have been in Borlänge 4 days and soooo much has already happened. If there are no drama, you have to create drama, and you know what? I absolutely love it!
(Oh jesus christ I remember I wrote a very sentimental e-mail to Alfredo) Ready for flashbacks!

Wake me up!

It feels like everything was just a dream. Has these six months really happened to me? Can someone please wake me up? Right now I´m sitting on the train to Borlänge (the town where I studying). I´m a bit scared actually. Coming back from hmm let´s say six month holiday with loads of fun and now back to reality.. I´m not sure how I´m going to make it. Well, now it sounds as I haven’t studied anything, of course I have but it is not the same as when I´m in Sweden. I always have to much pressure on me, I want to have the highest grade in all my courses, if I fail I feel like I´m a retard.I study very hard and in the end it gives me high grades, but have I had fun? No, not really.. In Germany I didn’t care if I didn´t get the highest grade and yes I can admit that I have even failed courses. And you know what? It doesn´t feel like it´s the end of the world. I rather have fun than having top grades, the life is too short actually (I just realized that). But how in the world am I going to write my thesis, I need to try to be more serious I guess.. and maybe less wine? No, no that sounds like a really bad idea. Or maybe not, the wine in Sweden is ridiculous expensive (lucky I´m rich).

Well, what I wanted to say was that I feel really empty right now, I feel nothing. It feels like it is years ago that Leticia followed me to the train station and helped me with all my bags. Little Leticia, it really hurt to say goodbye to her, she looked so small when she stood there crying at the platform waiting for the train to depart. It was awful! I wanted to cry the whole trip back to Sweden but I couldn´t. It was like having a big stone in your stomach. One of the worst feelings I ever had. It is not easy to miss one person; can you imagine how it feels missing 50 persons? I wouldn´t even wish my worst enemy to have this feeling. Yes, I actually feel a bit sorry for myself. I´m lucky that my best friend Becca let me live with her, I´m sure she can make me happy again J We gonna have so much fun while writing our thesis :P

I miss you Heilbronn! And for gods sake, don’t put photos on facebook from all your funny party’s , it makes me want to be there even mooooore! Maybe it is time for me to photoshop some of the photos? ;)

I kissed Draculas sons

I am very disapointed right now. I thought I knew them but they kept a secret for me during the whole winter semester in Heilbronn. I´m disapointed with the Romanians. They never told me they are from Transylvania??!!! How cool is´nt that to live next to Dracula? They might even be relatives with Dracula. I asked Adrian which city they are from, I googled the city. Wikipedia told me that Brasov is in Transylvania, I couldnt believe my eyes. I had to doubel check with Adrian.

[15:51:35] angelica.karlsson86: Adiii!!! are you from transylvania??!!!!
[15:51:46] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: :D
[15:51:47] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: yes
[15:51:54] angelica.karlsson86: dracula??!!
[15:52:10] Antonie Claudiu Adrian: its just a legend
[15:52:35] angelica.karlsson86: why havent you told me before that you are from draculas country? this is so cool :P
[15:53:31] angelica.karlsson86: I´m sooo gonna come and visit you, and when my friends ask me, oh angie where did you go on holiday? and I m gonna answer, to draculas coffin.

Right now, Romania is my prio number one trip, I want to see Dracula. I love blood-thirsty men. Dracula is better than Edward Cullen (second thought, maybe not). When I visit Transylvania I want Adi to arrange a guided Dracula tour. That is my highest wish and something I must do before I die (maybe Dracula kills me, but I´m sure it is worth it). Google says that Transylvania is a beautiful place with an extra ordinary landscape. I am not convinced. I think Transylvania is dark with thunderstorms everyday and spiders crawling everywere, really big ones. Spiders are scary, but I need some adventure in my life..

I cant believe it!? I kissed Draculas sons! Anyone wants an autograph? I´m so happy =) His blood taste lips and vampire teeth, mmm give me!

To make the guided tour more, hmm lets say alive we gonna dress Vlad as Dracula and put him in a coffin with spiders. And then he gonna wake up, attack me and bite me hard. Mmmm I cant wait!

Who wants to go to Transylvania with me?! I´m sure it´s more exotic than Hawaiii.

My Irish Fantasy

The last night in Heilbronn was a really good night. It started really good and than I dont know what went wrong. Me and Brian went for a date in a restaurant. The only problem was that there were 20 other erasmus. We tried to ignore them and did the best to enjoy each others company. I told Brian everything about me, he knows me from the inside and out now. Maybe I told him too much about me, but dating makes me nerveous and I dont know how to behave. We spended a great time in the restaurant and then he asked me if I wanted to continue the night in his home... I did´nt know what to say really and I did´nt have the heart to say no. We took the bus to his house, we ended up in his bedroom... and than it happened..

I brooke my rule number one... I never have sex on the first date,, but I could´nt resist his irish penis.. Thanks Brian for making this night something special.. you will always have a pieace of my heart..

Love from your dirty Swede.

Ich bin ein Hamburger!

All my Erasmus friends are in Hamburg for a trip, I wish I could have come with them.. Yesterday I cried like I have never done before. This morning I woke up and decided not to cry more. Tears wont bring them back to me. I went downstairs to have a look in my letter box. Maybe I have received some bills or something I thought. But there was something else in my letter box. I cried happy tears, what was there made me so incredible happy. It is not everyday you get a postcard from Hamburg.

This little card made me the happiest person ever :) Thanks guys!

It seems like u have loads of fun :) Dont get to drunk now! Even tough I think that Hamburg with panorama view is awsome.

I found a photo on facebook... hehe they really look like tourists. But is that Ami reading the map?! I hope they dont get lost :S

Well, this is what it could have been. I woke up this morning with mascara everywhere since I cried myself to sleep.. I logged on to Facebook and Skype.. Why are they online I thought? Did they bring their laptops with mobile broadband to the train? I met Timmy outside my door. Timmy,why are u not in Hamburg? He explained everything for me, the tickets were to expensive. No trip to Hamburg..
And then Shannon wrote the story on skype..

[12:05:04] Shannon Sweeney: i know!! the trip was doomed to begin with!! i set my alarm for 7:30 and was meant to meet everyone  at 8:30 so we could go to college to sort our re-registration and my alarm never went off so mary called me at 8:40 so had to get ready in 5 minutes and finish packing and then we ran to the college and the bus was supposed to come at 9:23 and it never showed up at finally at 9:50 we wailed down a taxi then we got there and realised that it was too expensive!!
[12:05:09] Shannon Sweeney: so i believe it was a sign from god!

This is the funniest story ever! Sorry guys but I cant stop laughing =) I love you!!!!! hahahahahahahaha.. And now I need to say goodbye to you again.. what an evil world we live in :P

Dont leave me now

Shanoooooon, Andreeeeaaaa, Maryyyyyy, Stephhhhhh, Alfredoooooooo, Briiiiaaaan, Timmyyyyyyy, Eduardooooo dont leave me!!!!!!!!! I never thought it would be this hard to say goodbye. I hate it. Rachel, Eimar, where were u 2nite? I wish u where there. I have been crying for like 5 hours. I cant stop. And why Shannon do you look like my sister? It must be God who send me an angel... I dont believe in God, but maybe it is time for that. I dont want to cry anymore. I tried to avoid saying goodbye to Alfredo, but I could´nt. It hurts so much. I wish I were 3 years old again.. because then I woud´nt have any problems and I could lay on the floor screaming and crying. I hate that I love you so much. I hope you all have a nice trip to Hamburg tomorrow. And as Queen said,, the show must go on.... yes the show goes on without me and you, the persons I love the most..

And to my swedish friends, please do everything you can to make me happy and forget that there are persons spread all over the world that I love and are missing.


oh Shannon,, oh Shannon, I will miss you! My American dream!

My heroes

The only thing I done today is asking everyone if they have this or that. The heroes of the day are Steph and Seif. I borrowed Stephs hoover and Seif opened my wine. All I need today is a clean floor and to get drunk. I´m gonna drink and NOT cry tonight. I have promised myself not to cry because I dont have a waterproof mascara.
My roomie moved out today which means that I myself have to clean the toilet and the kitchen. That is so not fair. Tomorrow morning I need to get up early to clean. Or maybe I better dont sleep at all.

Have a gr8 evening everyone!

Three lonely persons in a bar

I really trying to remember what happened yesterday in Club Sofa. Who did I go home with? I remember Steph and hmmm, Andrea?

They stay in Club Sofa is a bit vague, but one thing I actually remember. I remember me, Efim and Chris at the bar, tears running down my cheeks and with a glas of wine which gave no effect. I wanted to forget everything. There we stood at the bar, totally unaware of our surroundings. It was as if the music was played in slow motion, people around were blurry while we stood there like three colorful parrots (at least one of us). We looked at each other with eyes full of sorrow, we looked around us, looked at the people, the people we love. Imagine Titanic when the boat is sinking, people running around in panic, we are the band that plays music, and whatever happens, we stay together until the end. There we stood, three lonely souls. We gave the bartender one meaning glance, he understood immediatly what we needed that sad night. The glasses were filled to the brim with Jägermeister. We drank a toast for Greece, Russia, Sweden and Erasmus. After that, everything is black....

The three lonely persons who always stick together until the end..

The Italian gonna kill me :S

Oh shit, I saw in my live traffic that I had a reader from Roma.. shit, I remember I wrote something bad about Italianos two days ago, something about big noses and big ego. Oh noooo the Italiano will kill me! I need to hide. I´m gonna hide behind a tree for the rest of the day. Per favor Mr or Mrs Italiano, dont kill me!

Pack your bag now Angieeeeee!

Oh shit, why did I wake up today? I´v got sooooo much to do! I need to cancel my bank account, I need to fill in the green thing about leaving Heilbronn or something, I need to print out my ticket and I NEED TO PACK MY BAGS! gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But first I need to go to netto and buy something for breakfast.

Tada! that was quick huh? Okey, I´m joking. I found the picture in my blog archive. The picture is from when I packed my bag last summer, ready to go to Heilbronn!

I was happier than I look with my interrail card in my hand. The picture is from Nässjö train station early in the morning waitng for the train to Kopenhagen. It was summer! Åhhhhh. I had really fun at my interrail trip. If u want to read about it, go back to the archiv the end of august/ beginning os september 2009.

What is love?

For the last two years i have been crying because my sister commited suicide, now I´m crying for something totally different.. friendship.. I have never before met so many persons that I actually like deep inside from my heart. At home you can have 10 friends that you love but you are always back stabbing each other, one day you are best friends,next day you hate each other.. Why? I will never let this happen again because I have learned how to appriciate real friendship.. In Sweden I have 10, here in Germany I have 70 and I like them all. Some persons I love more and some persons I wish known better but it´s no time for that now.. And guess what more I have experienced?! Real men that are crying.. In Sweden guys dont cry, but my male friends here cries and I really dont know how to handle it,, it makes me cry even more. Swedish guys dont cry unless someone died, but the persons here shows emotion... it makes me scared because I´m not used to it. Tonight I saw my friends cry because one of our friends are going home tomorrow... Taw, do you remember my husband Toto I wrote about in September? Yes thats him, I finally learned to say his name right. I dont know what went wrong between us but now I realize how much I´m gonna miss him even though we have had our periods when we have totally ignored each other. If I could turn back time I would have change a lot..

The most important I have learned from being an Erasmus is how to love and show emotions. I never thought it would be this hard to say goodbye to everyone, but it is really hard and my heart is aching. There is espicially one that I dont even wont to say goodbye to because I love this person too much, Alfredo.. He has a heart of gold. I dont know how to say goodbye to him,, Bye Alfredo, see you!!! No I cant.. I´m gonna cry my eyes out so I better dont say goodbye at all. I really hate this, I do. I thought it was hard when my best friend Sofia moved to France, this gonna be even harder. Sometimes I wish that I was that kind of person who had no friends, because than you never have to separate from someone, but at the same time I feel like the happiest person ever. My eramus friends brought me back to life. Loosing my sister was the worst thing ever happened to me, I did´nt feel like I was alive, I wanted to be left alone crying for myself in a corner.. But these friends here made me feel lika I was alive again.. I´m gonna miss everyone so incredible much.. They brought me back to the person I was 2 years ago, the happy person who loves everything. I dont know if I cry for being happy or sad, but crying I do..

If I was a native english speaking I would tell you everything i feel but I cant..

I dont want to say goodbye to Alfredo :(

I want to say thanks to all of you and I cant explain how much I appriciate you all.. I love you. And remember, this is not a goddbye, it is a see you again.. even how hard it is to say so, that´s the way it is

Erasmus in the Weindorf long, long time ago...

Erasmus the Farm

Erasmus, what can I say? We act like animals, tonight we gonna dress like animals.. I wonder what people think about us? I´m about to start my third glass of wine a an animal. Can you guess what animal I am?

I am a winedrinking parrot!

hahahaha this night gonna be so much fun!

My summer plan

I told you before that I´m gonna tell you about my new summer plans. I had honestly almost decided to spend the summer in Gränna. But then I realized, Angelica, you cant stay in Sweden, you gonna be so restless. I want to see something new and experience something else. I need to spread my wings so to say and see the world. I told you like 2000 times that I´m moving to London, but I need more money first, I need to be richer than I already am (if that is possible *lalalala*). And to earn money, do you know where you should go? Yes, to NORWAY of course! The money-country! So yes I have decided to work in Norway this summer! Does it sounds as a good idea? The norwiegans love the swedish, we work harder than them, haha. I´m gonna start looking for jobs tomorrow :)

I love Norway! (and nowiegan guys)

I am hopeless!

I have an exam in International Management in 2h, am I prepared? Maybe not as much as I should be. But I have actually learned a lot. I have learned that South America has one High-Income country, Suriname. Have you ever heard about that country? I have´nt. And also I saw something strange on the european map, there is a tiny country between Poland and Lithuania. I had to google it, and guess what? It belongs to Russia. I learn something new everyday, believe it or not. But it was´nt geography I wanted to talk about, it was communication problems when using english.

Examples for simple mistakes causing misunderstandings:

Germany: "Next week I shall become a new car." (get) - hahahaha typical german to believe that they are cars.

Japan: "My father is a doctor, my mother is a typewriter."  - being honest, I dont understand this one, can someone explain?

Sweden: "Are you hopeful of any change? No, I’m hopeless."  Haha Swedish people are hopeless as frogs without legs. But no I dont think this is a common mistake since hopeless is something totally different.

Finland: "How old is your son? Half past seven - talking about their kids like they are clocks?!

Well, this is what I have learned from the International Management. Fail or pass, thats the question..

Can you see the tiny little green thing north of Poland? That´s Russia! Sweden is really, really big actually. Oh yeah I forgot! Later I will tell you about my plans for the summer but now I need to read more about Hofsteede.

Wish me good luck fuckers!

Watch this!

Talking about Zlatan, watch this! (It almost makes me love football, or at least it turns me on watching good players)

Number 5 and 2 are my favourites.

I love u, ich liebe dich...

Why is´nt Sweden in the worldcup? That sucks really. Not that I´m a big fan of football but anyway. Hehe yes, this is things I think about when I cant sleep. When I grow up I want to be a footballers wife, Angie the WAG. How hard can it be? Well maybe I need to start hang around with the right people and in the right areas. I know where Frank Lampard lives, thats a good beginning. So the biggest problem now is to make him fall in love with me. Das ist ein grosse problem. I have always had a weak eye for footballers. Worldcup 98 for example, I was deeply in love with Del Piero.. I´m not anymore. I´m older and wiser and know that Italianos are a big no no no for me. Slimy men with big noses and an even bigger ego. Haha oh no, now I remember! Worldcup 1994, I was in love with Thomas Brolin! Do you remember him? He must be old now. I´m gonna google him and see what he does for living nowadays. I had my second sexual fantasies about Brolin, my first sexual fantasies was Turtles. Yes, the cartoons.. Donatello in my heart for ever.. oh shit that sounds like an italian name, so maybe not. 

Well I guess I have to stop thinking now because I really need some sleep. Exam tomorrow, jariba!!

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I found my first sexual fantasie, Donatello! I wont tell you what I used to dream about because it is really embarasing, but I remember very well :P


Oh yes, Brolin! I googled and I atually think this picture is from 1994. Was I really in love with this man? I also found out that he is borned 1969 which make him 41 years, mmm perfect age.

Was I really in love with this man? :S

This must be the sweetest boy ever, singing about his love for Zlatan.. Maybe I could do that as well to win Zlatans heart? Oh no I remember I wrote something about that I dont like big noses... Här vänder jag kappan efter vinden as we say it in Sweden (turn the coat after the wind)..

Who is he?!

I met the most beatiful man in the elevator. I was so stunned by his beauty that I jumped up 1 meter in the air and the only word I managed to say was oh shit. Who is he? Never seen him before.. Where does he live? New student? I know nothing, but one thing is sure, I´m gonna go for a penis haunt in the corridor.

I´m gonna dust my magnifying glass, try to find me spy kit and then crawl up and down the stairs to find the man in my new wet fantasies.
Thats my mission of the day... except learning everything about internationalizaton strategies.. *gulp*

If you see someone behaving a bit strange in the staircase.. do not call the police or FBI, it is only me who´s out for a penis haunt..

I have a Facebook stalker :S

My life is a nightmare, can someone please shake me so I wake up? I had the strangest dreams ever this night. I had sex with my ex in my dads house underneath the christmas tree. I was on top and my dad interrupted us, it was so embarasing. I still dont know if I´m awake but I logged on to facebook, I had a new message. Oh who can that be? It was the stalker, the same person I wrote about last week who wanted to add me as a friend even though I never met him. I hate when strangers adds me on FB! And do u know what the weirdest thing is? His profile picture is Ricky Martin. Yes, Alfredo told me. I cant believe he wrote to me again. I´m gonna kill him if he does it one more time.


Between You and George Hanna
George Hanna 09 February at 06:00 Report
h are you??
i see you and i fand you VVV sexy do you wannt comm to me??
am live in heilbronn.

Thats what he wrote to me. Do you want to come to me?! The stupidest question ever. I´m gonna write back to him. I´m gonna play a little game ;) Hehe the evil Angie is back!

I love penis!

I was invited by the irish girls for dinner, it was really nice until Mr Penis himself entered the room. He insulted me and said that I am a lesbian?! He said it so many times that I always started to think that a vagina for dessert would be nice. But no thanks! I would never change a penis for a vagina! I love all penises (except tiny penises). Do I really need to defend myself? I am so not a lesbian. I´m actually gonna cry myself to bed right now because Mr Penis was really rude :P

Just because girls likes to touch me does´nt mean that I´m a lesbian. I cant help I´m a victim for lesbians.

PS. Dont take this too serious because I dont ;) DS.

I miss my penguin

I woke up 5 hours too late today, typically me. When I woke up I opened my eyes, said out loud for myself, I´m going home this week. This week?! I jumped off the bed, ran around in a circle in my 2 squaremeters room and made happy jumps and then fell back in my bed. I started to cry instead, I dont know if it was sad or happy tears but one thing is sure I miss my penguin and I cant wait to see him again...

I miss going out for a walk in the morning sun with my penguin..
I miss my penguin when he every morning brings me the newspaper..
I miss my penguins smelly fish food..
and I miss having a bath in the tub with my penguin.
But I have thought about something.. does´nt my penguin look like one of my friends? Hmm no it cant be? I´m so confused right now because I know he is scarcely similar to someone, but who?! It´s really annoying and I will just let it go because I NEED to study otherwise I will become a failured retard.

My penguin, my penguin, see you at the end of the week.. Love you heaps!

Dinner at Barfüsser

Even tough I didnt feel well I decided to join Leti Latino y mis españoles amigos for a nice meal out at restaurant Nude feets. During a meal with them, everything can happen... I´m a bit worried about Alfredos eating habbits,, but maybe his taste for food is normal in Spain? But one thing is sure, I will never eat his spanish omelett again now when I know what he normally eats.. Sorry Alfredo, I loved you but now I think you are a bit loco..

He wanted to order abourgine but instead he order a... a what???!!! He ordered a vagina.. Yes it´s true.. The waitress said, "oh it´s normal with spanish accents" but no he did´nt say abourgine, he said vagina. I´m sure. Well, at least it looks like he is enjoying his food. Relaxido y los vaginos!

Except the little incident with Alfredos vagina-meal I really enjoyed my company. I have a new boyfriend, Alfredos brother, my spanish bull. It was love at first sight. I couldnt keep my hands off from him and I know he couldnt keep his hands of from me..
Sorry my swedish friends, but I´m not coming back to Sweden,, I just say one thing..
Viva España!

Thanks guys for making this night a night to remember...

Give me Semla!

Oh I know exactly what I want when I´m back in Sweden, a Semla. For my international friends who does´nt know what that is I will show you a picture instead :)

This is a Semla!
That is something that you can only buy in Februar and in some bakerys and cafés in Januar. It has something to do with the fasta, you know the period when you dont eat anything? But we dont do fasta in Sweden so I dont know why,,haha it´s complicated.

I have a cold and it´s really annoying because I need to study but I cant when my nose is leaking and my head is pounding. But know I need to pull myself together, get ready and go to town to have dinner with Aixa, Leticia, Alfredo and his brother. I warned Leti that my company will not be the best but I will try not to sneeze in their food. I am well behavied you see.

See you later alligators!

Angelica and Robert 4ever

I must be the happiest woman in the world. Still I cant believe that he is mine. Robert my Robert the best husband I could ever wish for. I want to share our best memories with you my dear friends so that you understand how happy I am...

I remember this day like it was yesterday. Me and Roberts first date. I was a bit surprised when he suddenly put his penis in my vagina. My rule number one is never have sex on the first date.. But I fell for him direct.

I did´nt take long time until he proposed to me. Guess what I said? Robert, I do.

One year after we married. I cant explain in words how happy I was that day. And the wedding night,, mmmm.

I am waiting our first child. This picture is from when I was in the ninth month We were so excited!

And then he came, our little Jakob who we love so much. We are a happy family!

It feels so good now when I have shared my favourite moments with you :) I hoped you enjoyed my photos from our dear family album.

Love from Angelica and Robert <3

London in Stuttgart and Irish Pub

Where can I start? After a lot of ifs and buts I went to Stuttgart to go to the Irish pub. It was an interesting train journey with hockey hooligans and police officers. On arrival in Stuttgart, it took an eternity to walk to the pub. Laura made some valiant mission to find new friends. I think she also found a number of fathers, too =). We arrived at the pub, it took 5 minutes before I got a stalker who followed me the rest of the evening. It was awful. Typical me that I always manage to have a retarded tail.

When the pub closed, we went to a nightclub with our newfound friends London and My American Dream (Harry Potter and Ashton Kutcher). I loved Mr. London from the first time he opened his mouth and out comes the words of beautiful singing London dialect. I went down on my knees and proposed. We gonna build a house in Hyde Park, my future is nailed.

Oh! I met a guy at the bar who have studied in Uppsala in 6 months. We spoke Swedish! His Swedish was pretty good actually. In summary, a successful evening, but hell, I have to stop kissing everyone. I'm a disgrace to myself. Came home 7.30 this morning and has been sleeping all day and avoided the idea that I have to study ..

Hahahahaha what is this? Me and Amis heads are stuck together, haha.

Ami and America! Hey, did we take his number? He was funny!

Oh yeah there is Mr London my future husband.

Show me a big american smile!

Who is that????

And who is he???

It wasn´t only me and Ami in Stuttgart but she was the only one who got stuck in my photos :P

Erasmus Awards

Nominated for the horniest Erasmus are Timmy, Eduardo and Angelica. And the award goes to.. Angelicaaaaaaaa! Woooooooooo. I lost, won, call it what you want against Eduardo, unbelieveable. How is that possible? :P Yesterday we had Erasmus awards with winners in all possible kategories. The drunkest, the loudest, the craziest, the most serious, the best dancer and so on. It was really fun even though I dont really remember who won what. I remember Alfredo won for being the best cook, but that was obvious I would say :) Mmmmmm talking about Alfredo, I have found my new fantasy object. And no it´s not Alfredo, it´s his brother. Sexy! Yes almost the sexiest spanish I ever seen (havent seen many in my life), Pablo will always be number one, hahahahaha.
I took a picture from the last time I had sex.. mm I´m so horny, horny, horny! ;)

I really enjoyed this one as you can see, In this picture I´m just about to come. Lovely.

Hehe thanks erasmus for the award! I can inform you tha my pink friend is still in the box. Who wants plastic when there are so many penises out there?!

I miss Hollywood :(

I really miss my life in Hollywood. Everything was so easy, the only worries I had was, what am I gonna wear tonight? Prada or Dior? I was borned in L.A, I was raised in L.A, I hade my first boyfriend (Jude Law) in L.A, I had everything I wanted in L.A... I know I was really spoiled. Thats why I travelled overseas the whole way to Germany to spend a few months as an Erasmus in Heilbronn. I wanted to experience what it was like being a "normal" person living on 200 euro per month, drink cheap wine and have no access to Gucci handbags. The first weeks I cried myself to sleep, I felt like the loneliest (and richest) person in Heilbronn.. As time flow by I realized that the "normal" people wasnt as bad as  I thought. I actually started to like them even though they bought their underwears in H&M. I liked them more and more for every month that passed. And now I´m not sure if I like them anymore... I LOVE THEM!

I´m gonna miss them so much when I´am back in L.A. And I want them to know that they are always welcome to Hollywood <3

This picture was taken last summer when me and my boyfriend David Beckham had a pick nick.

Well, I guess it is time for me to sleep now. Love you!

My new wardrobe

The first thing I´m gonna do when I´m back in Sweden is to refresh my wardrobe. Spring 2010 here I come! After lived in Germany for 6 month I really miss some real fashion. Germany is a little bit behind so to say. I`m so jelous of my friend Sofia who is an erasmus in Lyon. The shopping is so much better there. This gonna be my new school outfit :P
Oh, I forgot, it´s not spring in Sweden yet. I have to wait at least two month...

Money, money, mone!

My life feels so much better now! I received an e-mail with very good news. I´m gonna get my study money even though I dont have my grades from the winter semester yet. Babes, I´m rich again! hehe okey I´m always rich :) The richest student in Falun as Sofia always says. It has stop snowing :) But instead the rain is pouring down. It´s lika a monsun rain.

I spoke to the Hausmeister today, he gonna inspect my room next friday. Everything needs to be shining and clean. I hope he not will inspect my bed because it´s more or less falling apart. Dont know what happened really..

My friend Carro is so sweet, she is preparing a welcome back party. I hope it´s a good one ;)
10 days and I´m back in Sweden! Happy? Sad? Hmm I dont know yet. A mix maybe.

Focus Angelica, focus

I cant focus today! I want to go to bed and hide myself under the duvet. It snows like mad. Wet, heavy snow flakes and it never stops. I couldnt even focus in the library even though the spanish girls normally makes the atmosphere in the library the best place to study, haha. Give me spring now! Give me food now because I´m starving! Give me the swedish fashion now so I not longer needs to look like a trash bin! Do all my exams for me! (only to left) Write my thesis for me! And I will love you forever and ever ;)

After complaining a little bit I always feels happier.

Oh I forgot, my hair needs a makeover and my body needs a solarium and maybe then I can ive with myself again.

I still cant beleive I failed the hotel economics course. A 2 credit course shouldnt be that hard. But I tell u what, the exam was a nightmare. The first question was a 25p question. Describe the Hotel Industry in Germany. What? Do u honestly think that is fair for us internationa students? A profesor at Dalarnas university (my home uni) would never ask a question like that if half of the class was non-swedish. He could at least asked about global hotel industry.

Over & Out 

Oh no I failed!

Babes, I have to admit something. I failed the hotel economics course. Haha I feel like a retard :P It took me to hours to finally after some help from Teodora to find my grade. Why cant they write in english? Just to realize that I got a 5. Angelica, you are so intelligent ;)

Aber Sheisse!

Okey I changed my mind. There are some things that is really enoying and actually can make my mood change to a thunderstorm. I HATE when random people add me on facebook. What´s the point? Get a life.

"George Hanna 03 February at 06:03 Report
h are you??
you look so sexy :-) i wannt to see you???
do you have msn??or are you in germany??

--- I am so not gonna answer. Idiot.
And look at him!
George Hanna
I only say one word.. people..

I have a feeling..

I have a feeling, wooohooooo that today´s gonna be a good day! YAY! I woke up on the right side today. Nothing can stop me now! I´m high on life. Gah I need to go to the bank and put money on my german bank account for the rent. And tomorrow I´m gonna cancell my bank account! Because next week I´m going hooomeeee! Can you hear me screaming? And how the hell am I gonna tell the Hausmeister (vaktmästare) that I want him to inspect my room and that I´m leaving on a saturday so who can I leave the keys to? Hmm, this will be a challenge, but I have my secret weapon, haha.

My secret weapon tells me all I need to know. I have a message to all my swedish friends! Do not even bother ask me if my german is good because It´s not. Shit I´m gonna be so embarrased  when I´back and you will say to me "Well, Angelica since you have lived in Germany for 6 months you must be really good in german?!". Please dont mention it! haha.

I need to do my laundry... I have no socks and that sucks :S

Not even the crappy wether can make my mood turn away. I think I live in the greyest city ever (except Borlänge)

Hupp hupp, time to begin the day!

Good Morning <3


No no stay, you have klicked on to the right page, it´s only me who have changed the design a little bit. Hehe okay, I made an extreme make over. It took me several hours so I really hope you like it. I had nothing to do and I was´nt tired even though I should have slept long time ago. Designing the blog made me hungry so I´m gonna make myself a bowl of oat porridge (my favourite food). And maybe after I´m gonna sleep after admiring my new design for an hour or two ;)

So long fuckers!

Wir studieren!

Wir studieren die ganze Tag, die Ganze tag! Und wir lieben es! Vielleicht kann ich meine Blog in Deutsch schreiben? Verstehen sie? Meinen Damen und Herren, hertzlichen willkommen zur meine Blog. Heute habe ich in die Bibliotheke gesitzt. Yeah yeah my german grammar is crap, it´s like my cooking skills (a disaster). When I get rich I´m gonna employ a chef who cocks for me everyday. How much do u think it will cost me to hire Gordon Ramsey? I love his aggresive temperament, it´s sexy. I want him to smack my bum with the frying pan when I´m naughty.

For you who does´nt understand german I wrote that I´v been to the library. It´s the most inspiring place in Heilbronn. I can hear the birds singing, the wind rustling in the trees. I can see happy people walking in the street, laughing children playing ball.. not to mention the colorful flowers. I really cant wait until I get my office in London with a panorama view over the river Thames, Big Ben and the House of Parliament. I´m a dreamer yes I am.

The view from the window in the library is so inspiring that the guy next to me fell asleep..

But Leticia is a very ambitious girl indeed.

Spotted by the Hochschues paparazzi in the cafeteria. Youssef and Taw studies hard for the exams. Good boys =)

And now my dear friends I´m gonna spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.

Nike versus Nikiiiiieeee

I´m a disgrace to myself. I was totally lost in the oral exam in meetings and negotiations. Where did my english go? She actually commented on everything I said. I had two negotiations, one with Oscar and one with Jana since she didn´t have a partner. I was an agent for a football player and Jana and Oscar were Sir Alex Ferguson. Haha now afterwards I think it was a funny situation. What was my BATNA? I forgot my BATNA and Oscar answered the question which is a big no no no.
The negotiation with Jana was,, hmm well what can I say? I actually thought I could die when the teacher wrote with big letters on a page NIKE and asked Jana, how do you prounance this whit sarcasm in her voice. Jana answered what every non english person would say. Nike (najk). Wrong Jana! It is Nikiiiiieee. How do an english speaking person prounance IKEA? They say Ajjjkeeaa. Wrong! So we dont really get the point why she even bothered comment on that one.

But it feels good, I met Maria in the MENSA, she tapped me gently on my shoulder and said. "I dont think u failed, but maybe you passed with a 4. hahahahaha thanks Maria, that was more or less encouraging ;) For u who dont know, In Germany the grades are in number, 1-5. A 5 means u failed.

I´m gonna move my ass to the library and spend the rest of the day there.

Thanks Jana and Joana for a lovely lunch. More queens to the people, haha

Lord of Denmark and Sir Alex Ferguson. On thursday we gonna have a pre pre party and talk politics and drink wine. Who wants to join? We need a counterpart from the red side to make an interesting conversation. ;)


I told u this day will be a disaster. I just received an e-mail from CSN (money for studying), they wrote that they cant give me money because my university have´nt report my credits from the winter semester. Well I´m in the middle of the exam period and my credits wont be reported until the end of March?! This is a big problem! It really sucks... Who gonna provide me with food for the coming months? I´m actually gonna die. Bye bye spring fashion, bye bye expensive swedish wine, bye bye everything. I need to find a solution. Work as a whore? Sounds lika a good idea...

Well, I´m gonna have my exam in meetings and negotiations now and than I´m going home and cry for the rest of the day.

Life is a bitch right now!


I wrote an "inlägg" (what is the english word?) and everything just disappeared. Gahhhhhh. I cant even bother to rewrite it. This day gonna be a shity day. God Morning sunshine.

Mona Sahlin owns a Louis Vuitton baf

Oh no, this is a katastroph or what? I read the news from Sweden just to keep myself updated on what´s going on. This must be the biggest issue ever in Sweden.

"Is it right for a social democratic party leader to have an expensive bag? It has become one of today's great debate topics since Mona Sahlin was photographed with a Louis Vuitton bag for 6 000 kronor. (€600).

It´s terrible, dont you think? And yes I´m being ironic. So what if a social democratic party leader carries an expensive hand bag? I couldnt care less. But she says that it was a present from a friend. True or false?
A Louis Vuitton bag is one of tha last thing I would ever buy. I dont like the brand at all. And is´nt LV the most pirate copied brand in the world? How many owns a fake LV bag bought in Thailand? Reach your hand now. I would never buy a fake bag!

Oh no it´s a LV! This cant be good for the social democracy party. Dont forget that it is election this year ;)

Erasmus moved in to the library?

Who said that erasmus dont know how to study? Transforming from party animals to top students in a few weeks is incredible. Maybe you can call it a schizophrenic behavior. Crawling on the floor and dancing on the tables in the weekends but when the Monday comes we sit highly concentrated with our books and studying harder than ever before. At least during the exam period :P What different us from the German  students are that we don’t need a whole semester to teach everything, we are clever enough to teach everything in just a few weeks. We got skills I would say ;)

And the award for the most ambitious students goes to Spain! In a long row they sit in the library from early morning to late evenings. Do never underestimate a spanish student ;)

Joana, Eva, Henar, Maria, Barbara, Patricia and Eduardo sitting in the library S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G!

Eduardo is the most intelligent Erasmus Heilbronn ever had =)

Good luck to all of you with your exams <3

In the computer room everything can happen

What´s happening???? I´m sitting in the computer room. Henar is bleeding, Monica fell on the floor, Taw is writing his diary. What can I say? I´m gonna miss this! Miss Tell Bella is a very sensitive soul, she wrote her "lessons learnd from our project" and she cried. She cried because she´s gonna miss everything. I cried when I wrote it because I was happy we finally finished our project, haha ;)
Now my dear friends I´m gonna continue with I dont know... Maybe I could show Taw where the  dot button is ....... =)

I´m practising my deep throating skills.

1 Februar

Oh nooooo please, snälla and por favor!!!!!! It´s too early and I´m soooooo tired. I want to sleep at least 2 more hours but I cant. I have a meeting in 40 minutes. The last meeting for our management project. I just say one word. Finally. I should celebrate with an expensive bottle of champange. Oh I forgot, I dont like champange. Instead I celebrate with a lovely cup of tee´. It´s a new month today. Welcome Februar! One more month and than it´s spring. (or at least I wish). Well, my calender says that March is the first month of the spring season.

Do u remember what I said I was going to do when I woke up today? Yeah right. "I´m going home next week". That was what I wanted to say :) It feels totally okey, (or at least I trying to convince myself that this is not the end of the world.)

Well, I´m gonna finsh my breakfast and go to school. 

I dedicate this song to all of u that feels the same as me right now. Tell me why I dont like mondays!

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