Dinner is served!

I told u before how lovely my wife is, or should I call her mum? I went to the gym for a 75 min body pump class, I was more or less dead. I came back and the dinner was served. Rebecca makes the best food (and Alfredo)! She definitevly gonna make me spoiled, but I love it ;) Thanks for feeding me Becca! Everyone knnows that I´m a big disaster in the kitchen, I cant even cut a tomato properly.. But there are so many other things that I´m good at.. I just need to figure them out.

It´s not every day you get this delicious meal! Perfect for my big muscles *lalalala*

Oh yeah yeah I almot forgot, this is my post number 1000!

Postat av: MyzaN - Princess Pink

ja visst är den fin :D själv kan jag inte ens rita sträck gubbar i paint :P

2010-03-01 @ 08:47:24
URL: http://myzaans.blogg.se/

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