I´m drowning!

Snow everywere! I cant see an end.. I have never seen so much snow before in my entire life. I cant live in Sweden! I´m gonna move to Thailand, build my own house and live there for ever and ever.

This morning I went for a swim in the snow. If you dont have an ocean you can go swimming in one of the snow mountains. If it´s not cold? Not for me, I´m swedish and we are used to the cold.

Postat av: Linnéa Isabelle Photo

Tack för tipset! :)

2010-02-21 @ 20:09:54
URL: http://vindpusten.blogg.se/
Postat av: Leti

you're out of your mind...like always!!!! and is the way that i want to remember you....love u so so much

2010-02-21 @ 22:43:13

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