London in Stuttgart and Irish Pub

Where can I start? After a lot of ifs and buts I went to Stuttgart to go to the Irish pub. It was an interesting train journey with hockey hooligans and police officers. On arrival in Stuttgart, it took an eternity to walk to the pub. Laura made some valiant mission to find new friends. I think she also found a number of fathers, too =). We arrived at the pub, it took 5 minutes before I got a stalker who followed me the rest of the evening. It was awful. Typical me that I always manage to have a retarded tail.

When the pub closed, we went to a nightclub with our newfound friends London and My American Dream (Harry Potter and Ashton Kutcher). I loved Mr. London from the first time he opened his mouth and out comes the words of beautiful singing London dialect. I went down on my knees and proposed. We gonna build a house in Hyde Park, my future is nailed.

Oh! I met a guy at the bar who have studied in Uppsala in 6 months. We spoke Swedish! His Swedish was pretty good actually. In summary, a successful evening, but hell, I have to stop kissing everyone. I'm a disgrace to myself. Came home 7.30 this morning and has been sleeping all day and avoided the idea that I have to study ..

Hahahahaha what is this? Me and Amis heads are stuck together, haha.

Ami and America! Hey, did we take his number? He was funny!

Oh yeah there is Mr London my future husband.

Show me a big american smile!

Who is that????

And who is he???

It wasn´t only me and Ami in Stuttgart but she was the only one who got stuck in my photos :P

Postat av: Ine Henriksen


Ha en fin kväll!

2010-02-06 @ 18:07:53
Postat av: janine

så lite :D

va händer ikväll ?


2010-02-06 @ 18:14:18
Postat av: Melina

härliga bilder:)

2010-02-06 @ 18:24:37
Postat av: LIENE

sv: Visst var sakerna fina:)

2010-02-06 @ 19:39:36
Postat av: Johanna -

Det låter som en trevlig kväll :)

2010-02-06 @ 19:59:05
Postat av: Linn-Lay

Hej :)

förlåt för sent svar.

Jag har verkligen haft fullt upp eftersom att min blogg har krånglat så:S

2010-02-06 @ 20:06:26

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