Lufthansa and training!

Oh no! Lufthansas pilots are on strike! This cant happen. Okay everyone has the right to strike, but what are they doing? Unlikely that they will have some loyal customers, after this. Not only are Sweden's train traffic standing still because of snow and cold, now you can not even fly because of some grumpy pilots. Speaking of trains, Becca has been in Stockholm (the girl I live with), she would come home at 19, she thought so. If she is lucky she will be back around midnight. Typically, SJ, not cope with winter weather: P

Oh, you know what my dear friend? I bought new gym card last week, so now I'm back to my lovely traininglife again! Just got home from a class on Friskis. It was wonderful!
The rest of the evening I will try to find some inspiration and ideas for me and Beccas thesis. Wish me good luck!

I´m not even surprised that it is a german company..


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