My Irish Fantasy

The last night in Heilbronn was a really good night. It started really good and than I dont know what went wrong. Me and Brian went for a date in a restaurant. The only problem was that there were 20 other erasmus. We tried to ignore them and did the best to enjoy each others company. I told Brian everything about me, he knows me from the inside and out now. Maybe I told him too much about me, but dating makes me nerveous and I dont know how to behave. We spended a great time in the restaurant and then he asked me if I wanted to continue the night in his home... I did´nt know what to say really and I did´nt have the heart to say no. We took the bus to his house, we ended up in his bedroom... and than it happened..

I brooke my rule number one... I never have sex on the first date,, but I could´nt resist his irish penis.. Thanks Brian for making this night something special.. you will always have a pieace of my heart..

Love from your dirty Swede.

Postat av: simone

Haha, Irish penis ;D

2010-02-14 @ 01:11:50
Postat av: Dikk Bluball

Jag undrar om irländsk penis är jämförbar med irländsk fia. Den irländska whiskyn är ju väldigt len och god.

2010-02-14 @ 10:31:26
Postat av: annii

Bra bild

2010-02-20 @ 14:59:39

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