The wine made my grades

I´m sooooooo happy right now! I just notices that I passed all my 4 6-credits courses! I it is unbelievable! And you know what? The grades are really good, so much better than I thought. My goal was to only pass the courses and now I passed with a good marginal. I didnt go to germany to study hard and I didnt study hard, it must be my intelligence, dont you think? I only say one thing, you get more intelligent after several bottles of wine each week. German wine for the win! :)

Happy, happy, happy! Now I can graduate summer 2010! Well, after I have written my thesis :)
The semester in Heilbronn is defo the best time of my life! I am most surprised over that I passed the Introduction to International Management, it was the hardest exam I ever written and I hardly wrote anything.. Hmmm Professor Köster must love me..


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