Wake me up!

It feels like everything was just a dream. Has these six months really happened to me? Can someone please wake me up? Right now I´m sitting on the train to Borlänge (the town where I studying). I´m a bit scared actually. Coming back from hmm let´s say six month holiday with loads of fun and now back to reality.. I´m not sure how I´m going to make it. Well, now it sounds as I haven’t studied anything, of course I have but it is not the same as when I´m in Sweden. I always have to much pressure on me, I want to have the highest grade in all my courses, if I fail I feel like I´m a retard.I study very hard and in the end it gives me high grades, but have I had fun? No, not really.. In Germany I didn’t care if I didn´t get the highest grade and yes I can admit that I have even failed courses. And you know what? It doesn´t feel like it´s the end of the world. I rather have fun than having top grades, the life is too short actually (I just realized that). But how in the world am I going to write my thesis, I need to try to be more serious I guess.. and maybe less wine? No, no that sounds like a really bad idea. Or maybe not, the wine in Sweden is ridiculous expensive (lucky I´m rich).

Well, what I wanted to say was that I feel really empty right now, I feel nothing. It feels like it is years ago that Leticia followed me to the train station and helped me with all my bags. Little Leticia, it really hurt to say goodbye to her, she looked so small when she stood there crying at the platform waiting for the train to depart. It was awful! I wanted to cry the whole trip back to Sweden but I couldn´t. It was like having a big stone in your stomach. One of the worst feelings I ever had. It is not easy to miss one person; can you imagine how it feels missing 50 persons? I wouldn´t even wish my worst enemy to have this feeling. Yes, I actually feel a bit sorry for myself. I´m lucky that my best friend Becca let me live with her, I´m sure she can make me happy again J We gonna have so much fun while writing our thesis :P

I miss you Heilbronn! And for gods sake, don’t put photos on facebook from all your funny party’s , it makes me want to be there even mooooore! Maybe it is time for me to photoshop some of the photos? ;)

Postat av: Hanna

Jojo, drick vin bara! Det hjälpte mig och Terese när vi hade idétorka ;)

2010-02-17 @ 16:57:18
URL: http://hannahbannanah.blogg.se/
Postat av: Sandra

Hejsan! det syns inte att du har lagt till mig. Allt bra med dig??

Sorry för sent svar, mitt internet och blogg.se har strulat man har inte kunnat skicka kommentare!

2010-02-17 @ 20:34:47
URL: http://sessan1.blogg.se/

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