Eclipse trailer

This is true love for me, the only love for me. I love seeing my husband on the screen. It makes me wet and my body shiver. I actually do love him more than anything else (except myself). I cant wait any longer, I want it to be 30 june now! I love when my husband dress like a vampire, I love when he whisper in my ear that he´s gonna bite me when I least expect it.. I love when he refuse to have sex with me only because he´s afraid to hurt me. My Robert and my Edward, I cant decide who of them I love the most. Vampire versus british dream? Hard decision.

Well, my dear friend, until 30 june you can at least enjoy the trailer. It makes me horny.

Did you like it?

Postat av: Hanna

Sjukt spännande Angelica! Jag vet inte riktigt vart jag ska ta vägen, så nervös blev jag nu...

2010-03-12 @ 22:23:46
Postat av: carro

har du läst alla böcker?

2010-03-15 @ 19:52:27

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