Freitag ich bin verliebt

Ich bin nicht tot! Ich habe nur für drei tage kein etwas zu schreiben. Aber jetzt bin ich zurück :) Oh well, mein deutsch ist scheisse! It´s the best day of the week today, it´s friday I´m in love! Now when I have been back to reality for, hmm how long is it? 3 weeks? Hmm where were I? Oh yeah, well now when I´m back to reality you can really tell when it´s friday or not. In Heilbronn it was friday every day. In Borlänge if you are lucky it is friday once every second week. I´v been dying for a bottle of white wine, expensive wine from Systembolaget. I really miss the german cheap wine, the local wine from Wurttemburg hehe. At 9am I´m gonna go to the gym and run! A lovely start in the morning, yay!

Guess where I am in the picture!


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