Is it spring or what?

I looked in my calender when I woke up, it told me that it was March .. Do you know what was else? March is a spring month. Finally spring, I thought to myself. Picked up my leather jacket and ballerina shoes, put a flower from the flower pot in my hair, sprayed on some cheap summery perfume and then went out for a morning walk with Becca. I thought I had dreamed, was´nt it March the first today? There I stood wearing last year's spring fashion with snow whirling all around me .. Fucking snow. Cant it just stop snowing?! And you know what the worst thing is? I talked to Eimar on skype yesterday, she told me that it was 20 degrees in Heilbronn yesterday.. I cant believe they have spring already! Perhaps I should have stayed for a second semester?!

I havent seen green gras since I dont know when. Give me summer now! The snow is driving me mad.

Today, study, study, study... gahhh.

Postat av: Sara - Tävling pågår!

Åh vilken härlig sommarbild!

2010-03-01 @ 10:25:16
Postat av: carro

det snöar idag i sthlm :.( var e våran då?!?!

2010-03-01 @ 12:01:52

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