My only happiness

It feels like the only thing I do nowadays is studying on my thesis. Day and night me and my wife are sitting at the table reading articles and bla bla bla. We have 3 bottle of wine in the fridge but we are not allowed to touch them, we need to concentrate. It sucks. Not to mention the snow, I see nothing except snow. Snow storm, yay! It doesnt exactly makes me happy... but there is one thing that makes me happy, everytime I turn around from the table I see my welcome back to Sweden present from Carro. I absolutely love it! Not only because I drink tea like Carro drinkes wine. I love it because it´s so not Carro to buy things like this one..

You just have to love it! I felt more welcome back than ever when she gave it to me. But I was thinking on one thing.. It seems like there is one little misunderstanding, did she think that I have been in Ireland for 6 months? Or maybe she just wants to give me some luck :)

Postat av: carro

vaddå vart varu då? ;)

2010-03-01 @ 15:22:16
Postat av: carro

hejsean, har du tid fika på lördag 13:e??

2010-03-03 @ 10:40:59

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