To see a penis when you are not prepared is scary

Anything can happen, and yes everything happens to me. As if this day wasnt tough enough. After a long day in school I went for a gym class at friskis. Came home from the gym, opened the door to the apartment. I screamed. I've never screamed so loud ever before. The first thing that met my eyes was Beccas boyfriend Christos with his penis hanging in the air, his body naked .. That is so not supposed to happen. I was so terrified that I was considering euthanasia (dödshjälp). For several days I have begged for a penis, give me! The only penis I seen for ages is my best friend's boyfriend .. There is no justice in the world .. and no you do want to see your friends' boyfriends naked.


In return for all I have suffered  Becca is in the kitchen baking a cake. Now we gonna watch the premiere of dating in the dark on channel 5. It will be interesting to see how much appearance matters. Love is blind, or?


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