Big and scary

I had the worst nightmare ever. I dreamed about a giant penis, a really big and scary one. Big penises are scary, dont you agree? Me and Mr Penis were trying to find a place in a forest where we could "you know what I mean". I left Rebecca all by herself in a toilett where she was a victim for the strange killer guy with long black hair in Desperate Houseviwes. Luckily, he never killed her. The worst part wasnt the big penis or the killer who was about to kill my best friend, the worst part was when I woke up heartbrooken. I think I brooke someones heart in the dream, but unfortunately, I was the one who was heartbrooken, aooouch it still hearts. Righ t now I´m just lucky I never tried the giant penis, I rather be heartbrooken than vaginabrooken.

Oh shit, I really dedicated a whole post to a penis. What I was going to write about was my trip to Heilbronn, but I´m to hungry now so you have to wait until later. Maybe thats why I´m dreaming about penises, no no no, not because I´m hungry, becuase I was in Deutschland. Okey, jokes aside, I had this dream because me and Rebecca talked about big penises that punches you in the uterine. It´s rellly uncomfortable, trust me. Angelicaaaaa, stop talking about penises and start eating your breakfast!

Three Musketeers in Stuttgart at the Frühlings fest!


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