Breaking dawn and pregnancy test

I forgot to tell you about my reward for being a good student. I bought the last book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn! I havent start reading it yet even if I am the less busiest person in the world right now. I v got nothing to do at all. I spended the whole day at the shopping mall, strolling around and pretended to be a very busy and important person. I failed becuase I wasnt busy at all. Freedoooom oooooo freeedoooom! After next week, I´m never gonna go to a school again, mohaha. Schools are for loosers ;)

I´m gonna read this book really sloooooow beacuse I want it to last for ever and ever and ever!

This is Rebeccas reward that she bought from the pharmacy. A pregnancy test.. For meeeee! She is sick tired of hearing me complaining over being pregnant and dont even know if that´s the case. I´m gonna figure it out very soon..

Oh well, the joke wasnt funny anymore, it´s not my pregnancy test. Rebecca won it in a competetion in the supermarket. The competition was about breast feeding, nappys and other horrible things.


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